The Ultimate Checklist for Financial & Impact Sustainability

Worried about stability and capacity for your growing social enterprise?

Creating and maintaining a balance of sustainable cashflows and social impact is not simple.

That is why we have created this checklist for tangible strategies and best practices to track your progress towards sustainable operations.


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Get the clarity you need for next steps in growth and sustainability

Are you:

  • Looking for a deeper understanding of how your organization is performing on its mission?
  • Feeling overwhelmed about wearing too many different hats?
  • Worried about stability and capacity in future to grow your impact?

By keeping our checklist handy to manage processes, you can:

  • Stay closely aligned to your goals for purpose and profit
  • Manage activities and costs for positive impact and efficiency
  • Identify and plan for key operating risks 
  • Keep key leaders and stakeholders informed and engaged

The Financial and Impact Sustainability Checklist simplifies all this. It walks you through tangible habits and strategies, how to prioritize next steps, and implementation for effective change.

We invite you to review this checklist and your progress every 3 months for continuous improvement and growth. 

Finance should not hold back changemakers who are focused on making the world a better place. It must be transformed into a valuable source of insight to drive strategic decisions for impact and enterprise.

Zahra Qureshi
Chartered Professional Accountant
Founder of Optinum and Social Venture Circuit


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